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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Being a Snoop

Tuesday, October 24, 2006
J410 Blog Assignment 6: Answer the following questions in a new blog entry.
posted by J410 Applied Multimedia Reporting at 5:01 PM

1. (A) What cities within SLO County have a republican majority as of August 1, 2006?
Arroyo Grande, Atascadero, Paso Robles, and Pismo Beach
(B) What’s another story idea you could generate based on this information?
Are minority parties gaining way in San Luis Obispo county elections?
2. What entity did Alex Trebek originally purchase his Creston ranch from?
Fred Sahadi, founded Cardiff Stud Farm in California, and brother Stephen, who managed the farm, sold the Cardiff property to Alex Trebek, who renamed it Creston Farm. (http://www.ntra.com/stats_bios.aspx?id=2099)
3. What four roads in SLO County have 50 mph posted speed limits?
Los Osos Valley Road, Tank Farm Road, Vineyard Drive, Pomeroy Road
4. Generate three story ideas that could be based on information contained in the public records below.
• Fish and Game licenses
• Corporate records: lists officers of any corporation and the date it registered with the state.
• Court records: filings on all civil and criminal court cases (except those concerning juveniles) are open to the public.
• Military records: details of an individual’s military service if they registered in that county – otherwise FOI Act.
• Personal loans: anyone who has taken out a loan of more than $1000
• City council meeting record
• Public Works records: plans for public works projects such as sewers, traffic signals, road widening, etc.
• Fire department records: all fire alarms, calls and response times, inspections, firearms owners.
• Utility records: water info, bacterial counts, water production, chemical usage
First idea: Why fish and game licenses are increasing in price
Second idea: How much money has been spent on traffic and transportation in the past compared to now, and why the disparity in costs
Third idea: Whether local water is still considered healthy based on utility records and health codes


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