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Monday, October 02, 2006

3 ideas for a good grade

J410 Blog Assignment 3: Come up with THREE story ideas for your multimedia final project. As this project will be incorporating SOUND, IMAGES and TEXT -- choose appropriately (and briefly explain how your ideas will incorporate the different formats).

1. Mustang Stadium renovation - panoramic view of the stadium in progress, and perhaps a slideshow of the various stages of construction; audio (podcast) detailing the work put into the structure with maybe commentary from President Baker and/or labourers; a story including numbers, quotes, names, and other details.
2. Creation of a play - panorama from the stage; audio of rehearsal or from the play; pictures of costumes, the actors/actresses, etc.; lines from the play; print about the play and the players, times and dates, history behind the play, and so on.
3. A day in the life of ASI pres Todd - panorama at a meeting and pictures of meetings and such; audio of a message from Todd about his mission and/or how his plans are going thus far; print portraying all that he does.

I like the second one myself :)


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