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Monday, September 25, 2006

"New Media"?

Any form of communication that is currently undergoing great development is my definition of "new media." There are mediums that have existed for a while and may still be changing, but to me new media is something very unlike anything ever used and referenced before. It doesn't even have to be well-known or widely used; Post-It Note communication could be new media. New media can affect one's life in different ways, whether one directly utilizes the media or is affected by another's use of information communcated through the media. News will only continue to progress with the world's desire for convenience and speed, which seems to mean much more digital-ness... but it could also grow into some other area or method that has yet to be discovered. I only hope that convenience and speed does not mean low quality.

Ugh. That was cut-and-dry and boring and I'm sorry -_-* Woo Jour 410


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